Madestones is an initiative from Thierry Silber. Thierry has 38 years of experience trading diamonds in Antwerp-Belgium, the world’s diamond capital. Madestones is Thierry’s personal vision for the future of the diamond business. Madestones are a product of modern technology. They marry science to social values. Thierry wants to share his passion for Madestones with everyone.

“I believe in technologically forward products and new ideas. Laboratory grown diamonds are new and incredible. Madestones offers beautiful striking color and white diamonds at very affordable price. They offer you a smart choice in diamonds.

They are the result of over one hundred years of scientific research by some of the largest corporations in the world. Madestones are not mined and so do not disturb the earth. By definition Madestones are non conflict. Madestones are a wonderful alternative for the socially and environmentally conscious.

Madestones marketing is clean and simple as the name suggests.

Madestones has grown into the largest distributor of laboratory grown diamonds in Europe.

Personally, I find the whole thing really exciting!”

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Madestones is pleased to offer a 2% discount on our stones to subscribing GoJD, GoJR and BPA members.

Lab Grown Diamonds Versus Natural: What’s The Difference?

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