First Steps

After your customer agrees to use the Jewellery reunited service and wants to sign up, the first thing to do is to offer to register a serial number for them or advise them that they can register for themselves at a later date.

If you, as a retailer, register the serial number under your trade account, your customer needs to then register with Jewellery Reunited to set up an account so that the serial number can be transferred to them and the yearly subscription can be continued.

Once a retailer has registered a serial number, your customer has 1 month to have the number transferred to their own account and continue the subscription.

Please remember to make a note of the serial number issued and to which item of jewellery it is associated. Also pass these details to your customer for safe keeping and as a backup.

Serial numbers cannot be edited or deleted so, any engraving errors need to be corrected on the jewellery item itself to correspond with the serial number issued. 

What’s Next?

The item of jewellery should be forwarded to the engraver of your choice to have the JR Serial number applied.

Laser engraving is the ideal option for applying the JR Serial number as much smaller detail can be obtained with greater clarity and ease of reading.

If you use GETi Titanium Rings as your serial number engraver, they offer to include the serial number and additional engraving at a much reduced rate if both done together plus, as a BJA Supplier Partner, subscribing members receive a discount on the GETi engraving service. Contact GETi for details of this offer.

If you’re making an item of jewellery for the client, engraving is best applied before final finishing to avoid rework.

Arranging the Jewellery Reunited service is best undertaken at the time of sale. If in the future your customer decides they then want to have it applied to their item and they arrange it themselves, by adding Jewellery Reunited affiliate banners to your website for easy reference, if your customer visits JR and signs up, the sale is tracked and associated to your Jewellery Reunited account for a generous affiliate commission to be applied.

It is advisable to stress to your customer though that arranging the Jewellery Reunited service at a later date could work out more expensive than arranging it at the time of order.

Is there a retailer discount for registering a serial number?

Yes, preferential rates are available to non GoJDR or BPA retailers registered on Jewellery Reunited so you can offer the service as an addon at the time of sale. GoJDR and BPA member retailers receive a higher discounted rate for serial number registration.

Can I use any engraver to apply the serial number?

Yes you can; laser engraving probably gives the clearest result at a small size so we would recommend a laser engraving service. To give more choice, a list of engravers capable of offering the service will be added at a later date.

What happens when a serial number is transferred to the customer?

To transfer a registered serial number from a retailer, the customer needs to register an account on Jewellery Reunited and take out a subscription to keep the number ‘live’ in the event of the jewellery being lost or stolen and to receive notifications if it’s found.

When the account is activated, the new serial number owner then has access to the serial number and the option to create a PDF certificate with details of the registered item for proof of ownership of the registration.

What is the narrowest width of ring that the serial number can be applied to?

Laser engraving can be performed at very small sizes and still retain clarity, even if a loupe is needed to read it. If the ring is so narrow that two lines is too small, then the serial number and web address can be added on one line.

Do you have any Point of Sale leaflets for my shop?

Yes we do.

We’ve devised a method of creating PDF POS assets that you can download from your JR account dashboard which are personalised with your unique affiliate link QR code. When the code is scanned, visitors to our site are tracked and you receive a 25% commission on a successful JR Serial number code registration.

Simply download the assets for the front and back of the leaflet and order directly from your own choice of print supplier to be delivered directly to yourself.

Send us a copy of the receipt and we’ll add 3 JR serial number credits for every 250 leaflets that you’ve had printed, directly to your account.

Available soon!