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How it Works


A unique serial number is generated and registed by you, as a retailer, with Jewellery Reunited. This number is either given to your customer for them to arrange for the piece to be engraved at a later date, or you can offer to arrange it for them. 

If you arrange for the item to be engraved, simply send it off to the engraver of your choice.

As the serial number is very discrete, we highly recommend laser engraving to achieve a crisp, easy to read mark.


what happens if the jewellery is lost?

If the item has been lost and subsequently found, the finder (or the police if it’s handed in) will no doubt look at the jewellery for any identifying marks, locate the serial number and web address and then visit our site to enter the code and start the lost jewellery recovery service process for returning your item to the owner.

What happens next?

An email is automatically sent from Jewellery Reunited to the owner with details of the person who found it and the item of jewellery.

The owner can then contact the finder directly to arrange collection or delivery of the item.

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